August 2016 - CFCFMIXMIX

99% him, 1% me.
ReArranging furniture.

Download Link | Tracklist

>> Excerpts from:
>> $ummer $olstice $lowmix
>> Altered Zones
>> Do U Like Night Bus
>> Night Bus II
>> Reincarnation
>> Slorida
>> Zellers Canada

>> The Space Home


  1. jeff
    Posted August 2016

    So glad to hear and read your August new post…
    have been following you for such a long time

  2. Suki
    Posted February 2017

    I’ve been following you for years. Since B4 2004.
    I’ve always loved your work. Gotta say…
    This mix is the biggest pile of shite I’ve ever heard coming out of “The Space.”

    Dude whats with the slowing down of tracks ??

    I still cry listening to Dreams of Gansu.
    Still love you man.

    This is just my opinion.
    Suki Suree

  3. Posted February 2017

    Thanks, Suki. Clearly it’s not for everyone. Maybe it’ll grow on you? ;)

    My radio show may treat you better:

  4. Suki
    Posted February 2017

    Some the tracks further on into the set were amazing.
    I listened to the whole set through the slowmo stuff only cuz its you Bro.
    Anyone else…
    I’d have got my Scooby Doo legs on to get me out of here.
    Look forward to your next set bro.

    Sorry if i was direct but I’ve know you long enough lol
    “Stay Close”

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